A Brief History

Oscar Jon Oscar was born in London, grew up in Southern Ireland. Oscar is known to his friends as Fergie. Oscar started off his career in the fashion industry as a Fashion Designer in 1988. He had his first fashion show in West Cork 1989. He then went on to London, where he worked from his Chelsea based studio, creating mainly for artists in the music industry. Oscar had built up quiet an impressive portfolio in a short period of time.

In 1991 Oscar moved back to Ireland & became a well known name in Ireland. Oscar was now dedicated to Haute Couture, all his creations were a mix of sculptured & well-constructed garments in the most elaborate fabrics in the most wonderful colours!

By 1992 he was now working with everybody from the Miss World contestants to The Late Princess Diana, to name but a few! Oscar also has a love for contemporary art & has a passion for architecture & interior design.

In the year 2000 Oscar decided to follow his passion and put together his first solo exhibition in Manchester. The exhibition was an array of wonderful sculptured wire mesh pieces of art, individually tailored aluminium mesh, coloured sprayed in five different colours, then stretched on to vibrant silk covered canvases & finished in a handmade box frame.
He then went on to do further shows in London, South Africa, Brighton and in Dublin Ireland.

Oscar’s art is very tactile, all the wire mesh pieces are 3D, people always want to touch them, and each piece also adjusts in colour as the light changes.

All the art pieces by Oscar Jon are bespoke & can be created in any shape or size to suit you requirements.

Over the past 10 years Oscar has been involved in many Events, Projects & exhibitions since then, from having his own art gallery to designing the art & the glass beds in hotel Nineteen Brighton, to being featured on many different publications.

In 2010 Oscar received a Level 2 City & Guilds qualification in creative techniques.

Oscars love for interior design grew over the years, he has a passion for colours,which led him into the Painting & Decorating side of the business.

Oscar went on to study painting & decorating through college. This gave him a real knowledge of the trade, from the technique to the the quality & finish. Oscar has decorated many homes since then. He has also worked,on site projects, which has given him a wealth of experience.

Oscar also has a City & Guilds in the production of soft furnishings, to include curtains & cushions, bed linen & personalised products in the most contemporary to the most elaborate luxurious fabrics.
Oscar has now created his own brand, Oscar Jon Interiors Oscar is currently operating from his London Bridge art studio

Attention to detail is everything to Oscar. He will meet with each client in person with colour samples & fabric swatches & has a team at hand to carry out any interior architectural plans. Details of this can be obtained from our services drop down list.