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Alu-Mesh Sculptured Artwork - 'Oceania Rain'
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Oscar Jon

Oscar Jon’s artwork has been commissioned for a multitude of homes and offices throughout the UK and Europe. With over 25 years working both in the arts & in fashion industry, Oscar is inspired by unusual fabrics & textures, which leads him to create sculptured & quirky creations and his work is considered both tactile & contemporary.

Oscar says ‘Being able to create works of art every day is a privilege and a passion that I love to share. Using such mediums as alu-mesh, lighting and an array of vibrant colours in both oil and acrylic paints, I believe, brings my creations to life. The galleries on this website are constantly being updated to include new works and showcasing his latest ideas with inspiration from all over the world.

Each piece is bespoke and can be tailor made to suit requirements. As no two pieces are identical each piece is then given a unique name and signed and dated by Oscar Jon. For a consultation regarding a commission, Oscar Jon can be contacted on either: 07986 242 773 or by filling in the enquiry form on the [contact] page.